Step 3 – Adult Disability Report

Complete the Adult Disability Report

This step is the most labor-intensive one in the entire process. It may take you around 90 minutes to two hours to complete, depending on the number of questions you have to answer. Before you begin completing the report, however, there is additional information you may want to review, such as:

• Website Accessibility for Visually Impaired or Blind Users
If you have difficulties with your sight, this section provides you with tips that may help you in completing the application. It delves into detail regarding the government’s responsibility to make all of its information available to everyone. For those who have difficulty reading, the BrowseAloud plugin is offered, which reads all website text out loud and highlights it as it is spoken.

• How to Navigate the Report
This section describes how to move around in the report. Additional instructions are provided for people who use only the keyboard or the help of assistive technology.

• How the Process Works
This section provides a brief overview of the application process. Once you meet the basic requirements for receiving benefits, your application is sent to the appropriate office in your state. This office then investigates your case in further depth and makes the final determination regarding your disability status.

• What “Disability” Means
In this area, a brief but specific definition of a “disability” is provided. Basically, you are considered disabled if you cannot do work you performed previously, the SSA decides you cannot perform other work because of your condition, and your disability has lasted or will last more than one year or cause death.

• How Disabled Status is Determined
This information provides details regarding the process the SSA uses to determine whether or not you are actually disabled. It asks five questions which help establish you are in fact disabled.

• Disability Programs
Here, you will learn about the different disability programs funded by the federal government. Currently, the available options are Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and Medicare.

• Alternative Methods for Completing a Disability Report
If you are unable to complete the application on your own, and if you can find no one to help you, this section provides contact information for you to locate in-office or telephone assistance.

• Security Information
You are provided with detailed information regarding security measures taken to prevent unauthorized access to private information you transmit online.

• Website Policy
Here, you can learn the various policy covering every aspect of the application process. Some examples include browser support, internet security protocols used, and a brief overview of the Freedom of Information Act.

• Accessibility Policy
This section provides detailed information regarding the Social Security Administration’s commitment to making all programs and information it offers available to everyone.